2017 Open Sessions

The Open Sessions are here! The Ashford and McGuire Open Training Programme will start on the 25th of June 2017 with a Performance Measurement course. There is so much to expect and gain from our courses as they cover a wide but specific areas of personal and organizational development. For more information on our courses […]

Who Needs Negotiation Skills?

According the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia , negotiation can be defined as ‘a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a mutually beneficial outcome, resolve points of difference, to gain advantage’. An online dictionary also defines the word as; (1) ‘try to reach an agreement or compromise by discussion’, or (2) ‘to […]

Emotional Intelligence – The New Yardstick

What is Emotional Intelligence? What is the relevance and how does it compare with IQ? Why is it becoming the new yardstick for employees of all levels? If you have these questions and many more about emotional intelligence unanswered, why don’t you read through this summary of Daniel Goleman book ‘Working With Emotional Intelligence’ – […]


Wise counsel has it that to be successful in life and succeed in whatever one does in life; four things among other things are a must to have. Without these four things one can only continue to dream on about being that great Salesperson or whatever one desires to become or do in life. Anyone […]


People set goals because they want to move from one point to another. The problem is that not many people set goals and are able to achieve them. It is a fact that many people make New Year resolutions and break them within that same first month of January. While to a large extent why […]


At every New Year many people across the world from different faith and culture find it convenient to make resolutions. People resolve to change or do something different or achieve something new each year. They make these resolutions because they are not happy with the previous year in terms of their achievement, character and personality […]

Acting Like The Market

Few companies have managed to successfully implement change. Fewer companies have sustained change initiatives long enough to reap the rewards. Change is difficult for many corporations to achieve and reinventions are rare. Once established, a corporation grows in size and sits comfortably within its business-zone achieving 0% innovation for several years. Little wonder, some companies […]

Managing Systemic Delinquency of Financial Risk Assets:The AMC Model

The financial services industry plays a key role in any free market economy. The development of the industry and its derivate products and services is usually a function of the sophistication of the economy. The financial services industry in Nigeria is principally dominated in terms of total assets, by the commercial banks. The banking industry […]