Corporate Finance

Corporate finance involves the identification of possible strategies capable of maximizing an organization’s market value, the allocation of scarce capital resources among competing opportunities and the implementation and monitoring of the chosen strategy so as to achieve stated/agreed objectives.

The theory of corporate finance is based on the assumption that the objective of management is to maximize the market value of the company.

At Ashford & McGuire we work with our clients to carry out comprehensive analysis/ review to ensure the overall business architecture align with their corporate goals, specifically:

  • Corporate Capital Structure
  • Corporate Debt Structure
  • Corporate Liquidity Policy
  • Corporate Dividend Policy
  • Corporate Risk Management

Based on our understanding of the corporate plans, we assist clients throughout the various stages up to implementation phase on critical assignments, including:



The financing of major projects could be complex, highly competitive, costly and time-consuming. Organizations seeking to carry out a project must create an efficient/effective framework to ensure their investment programme appeals to target investors.

Typical client challenges:

  • Attracting the interest of good quality investors.
  • Assessing the viability of Projects.
  • Appraising and deciding on appropriate financing options.
  • Delivering a competitive tender in a bid scenario.

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus Solutions

We provide independent advice on the financing of projects that are characterized by large investments, long gestation periods and very specific market domains. We also provide alternative options of hedging against the risk in such projects. This ranges from:

  • Use of appropriate project assessment/appraisal tools
  • Obtaining competitive information in packaging a detailed and comprehensive tender
  • Advice on the complexities of refinancing or restructuring a project.
  • Identifying and negotiating with the right investors



These are projects requiring medium to long term finance in return for an equity stake in potentially high growth unquoted companies. It is applicable in management buy-outs and buy-ins of established companies; funds are pooled together through private partnerships and classified as venture and development capital.

Typical client challenges:

  • Identifying and attracting good investors
  • What to invest in and if the investment opportunity is a good one
  • Assessment of risk inherent in the investment chosen
  • How to properly monitor the attainment of set objectives after injecting additional capital

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus solutions:

  • Assisting clients raise funds and proactively source deals
  • Collaborating with clients to manage inherent risk by developing accurate assessment of key industry performance indicators.
  • Performing rigorous due diligence to select projects that fit the investment thesis of the firm.
  • Providing the professional know-how i.e. support for all stages of this process
  • Identifying potential investors.



Mergers, acquisitions or disposal are significant event in the life of any business. If it is to be successful, it needs to be well researched, well thought through, well executed and, in the case of mergers and acquisitions, properly integrated.

Typical Client Challenges:

  • Determining the appropriate pricing and structure
  • How to conduct strategic due diligence.
  • Ensuring acquisitions/disposals create value for shareholders.

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus solutions:

  • We analyze the strategic cost position/pricing of the desired business unit, relative to its competitors.
  • Execution of a thorough due diligence for both parties
  • Implementing a simple frame work to measure value created for acquirer/target’s shareholders.



Business Valuation is the underlying discipline for a wide variety of important financial activities such as structuring of mergers and leverage buyouts. Management must become acquainted with the main influences of the valuation if they are to maximize the wealth of shareholders.

Typical client challenges:

  • Deciding on appropriate valuation method
  • Scaling the financial hurdles involved in negotiation
  • Negotiating final valuation on behalf of shareholders
  • Identification and valuation of non-financial assets or liabilities

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus solutions:

  • Application of various methods of valuation that would yield optimal benefit for the client
  • Supporting clients in analyzing financials and providing information to enable negotiation process
  • Ensuring stringent review of on/off balance sheet items