Corporate Performance Management

Traditional performance management focused on maintaining an organization as a going concern without reinforcing implementation of strategy or value creation. Consequently, management/employee reward system was loosely linked with shareholder value creation.

Performance management is the entire system put in place by management to monitor and drive the attainment of corporate objectives of the organization.

Typical Client Challenges:

  • How to translate corporate goals into budget
  • Ensure timeliness of relevant information are available for decision
  • Measuring attainment of corporate goals by management
  • Linking the reward system with corporate performance
  • Ensuring efficient allocation of resources between competing balance sheet items

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus Solutions:

  • Facilitate the institution of a highly disciplined planning and measurement process
  • Implement Management Information System
  • Install budgeting and budgetary control system and supporting tools
  • Establish Management Performance Review (MPR) System
  • Facilitate periodic performance review for client
  • Install Assets and Liability Management Control (ALCO) system