Corporate Reinvention


Businesses that flounder are often headed in the wrong direction or swimming in the wrong waters. U-turns (traditionally called “turnarounds”) are frequently required before the floundering finally manifests. A u-turn is also not complete until a vehicle is safely turned to the other side of the U.

Typical client challenges and symptoms:

  1. Outdated business model or strategy
  2. Dwindling market share and revenues
  3. Competition from new or substitute products or services or market entrants
  4. Business in “sleep mode” or near comatose

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus solutions:

  • Designing u-turn maps for generating returns ( U-turns for Returns)
  • Facilitating business renewal options
  • Revitalising viable but sleepy businesses


An article captioned “Vanishing Legacies” (ThisDay, 24th March 2006) opened with these words:

In Nigeria, very few prosperous family-owned businesses (companies in which a family has a controlling stake) thrive beyond the first generation. Those that do, find it difficult to run professionally while making the family happy. How can such businesses prosper through generations? A business founder that plans for and manages his succession will add lasting value to the business”

These words reflect the heart of Ashford & McGuire’s corporate legacy building service. Through this innovative service, we intend to be in the forefront of building lasting corporate legacies in Nigerian enterprise.

Typical client challenges:

  1. Undue retention of sole proprietorship model
  2. Non-transfer of business knowledge
  3. Weak or inadequate formal structures and processes
  4. No succession planning
  5. 100% equity holding by one family or person

Ashford & McGuire ValuePlus solutions

  1. Legacy design and build process
  2. Extracting and generating commitment to build legacy
  3. Designing and implementing roadmaps for long-term existence