Corporate Strategy


Corporate strategy starts with the vision of where the leadership wants to take the company. We work with executive teams to articulate strategic direction derived from the vision of leadership for organisations.

Typical client challenges:

  • Defining or redefining vision, mission and values
  • Inadequate commitment to corporate goals or strategy
  • Direction setting or direction change

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus Solutions:

  • Facilitating the definition of mission, core values and guiding principles
  • Designing strategic frameworks or road-maps for executing corporate vision initiatives


As many CEOs and management teams will testify, corporate activities surrounding annual planning cycles can often be assemblies without clear results.

Typical client challenges:

  1. Internally facilitating the planning process
  2. Making the shift from routine approaches
  3. Inadequate commitment to plans and processes
  4. Focusing on tactics and operations instead of strategy

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus solutions:

  • Skilled facilitation of the planning process and its related events
  • Assist clients generate action-based planning reports
  • Generating commitment and buy-in


Corporate direction setting involves designing appropriate differentiation and competitive postures.

Typical client challenges:

  1. Enhancing strategic (as opposed to operational) processes
  2. Maintaining focus despite macroeconomic scenarios
  3. Follow through with strategic initiatives

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus solutions:

  • Enabling in-depth and hands-on analysis of internal situations, external environment, markets and competition
  • Supporting thought process for determining best-fit positioning
  • Processes to question previous corporate or market wisdom and identify new advantages and opportunities
  • Execution support module that includes cascading to business units, generating commitment and setting relevant goals


“The heart of competitive advantage is differentiation and what differentiates one company from another cannot be built – or rebuilt – overnight” – Richard Koch

“Competitors who will prosper will have unique advantages over any and all other competitors in specific combinations of time, place, products and customers” – Bruce Henderson

A business advantage is not real until it is exploited” – Weyinmi Jemide

Knowing and focusing on a company’s distinctive competencies unlocks long-term profitability and corporate stability. Competencies are both the soft and hard issues that make companies what they are.

Typical client challenges:

  1. Unidentified corporate advantages
  2. Having no roadmaps for focusing on identified competencies
  3. Operating with vague business concepts
  4. Not staying the course with distinctive advantages
  5. Not locating or seizing market space to build market share

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus solutions:

  1. Facilitate the identification and exploitation of competitive advantages
  2. Defining bumper-sticker strategies
  3. Supporting execution capacity for staying the course
  4. Designing road-maps for focusing on competencies


Corporate strategy needs to be reviewed and made consistently relevant. The dynamics of business often require tactical changes to make strategy more effective. The effectiveness of strategy review is determined by the quality and depth of questions asked. By leading clients with the appropriate questions, we challenge the status quo and enhance strategic thinking and corporate transformation.

Typical client challenges:

  1. Reactive instead of proactive posture
  2. Inadequate focus at internal review sessions
  3. Mental and emotional distance from the market
  4. Remaining consistently relevant

Ashford & McGuire’s ValuePlus solutions:

  1. Skilled facilitation of annual or quarterly or other period reviews
  2. Scenario building to generate proactive strategy
  3. Market situation assessments