“Profiling” is the collective name for the online personality questionnaires and screening tools developed by the Self Management Group (SMG) of Canada. Ashford & McGuire Consulting has access to these tools as the sole business partner of SMG in West Africa.

These questionnaires are based on the theory that the most successful people in highly demanding working environments are the so called “self managers”.

Self Managers are individuals who demonstrate essential competencies for development. They are able to prioritize work and set aside time for activities that will add to the longer term. They can:

  • complete work in ways that are efficient and meet deadlines and quality requirements effectively manage own time, review own work process and adjust daily routines when needed
  • break work into manageable chunks, action plan and coordinate resources effectively to get things done
  • plan and initiate reviews for own performance and professional development
  • recognize own strengths and weaknesses and participate in processes for improvement
  • be aware of self and their impact on relationships with others
  • take responsibility for actions and decisions and their impact on others
  • maintain links and build networks with others
  • provide constructive feedback to others
  • seek help from others when needed
  • work to agreed standards, guidelines, and act within the set boundaries of the organization
  • work to make things happen with a “can do”  attitude

Profiling individuals and/or teams, enhances the understanding of strengths, developmental needs and fit with the organization or position . It therefore provides valuable information for the individual; and also gives the organization insight on the return on investment of the individual.

Recruitment and retention are an investment, not an expenditure. Every organization has individuals , therefore investing in their development saves customer relationships and provides an environment where all employees value and enjoy their roles.


  • Recruitment

    Profiling tools contain user friendly questionnaires, used on-line and instructions are written in simple language directly to the person who is completing the screening questionnaire.The questions do not need explanations and will at the end provide material documentation which is useful for selection, discussions and interviews.

  • Screening and Selection

    The profiling report will provide a psychological portrait of each person who completes the questionnaire and will enable the use of the various sections to help screening and objective selection of employees with the right fit for your organization. By pre-screening candidates using the online profiling system, any organization can speed up its recruitment process. This will provide you with a more robust means of taking the guesswork out of recruiting by providing an objective, fair and quantifiable appraisal of a potential candidate’s ability to be successful in a role, reducing selection mistakes, lowering recruitment costs and enhancing long-term development .

The information from profiling also helps individuals to become more self-aware in managing their own development; this can be very motivational for existing staff, and attractive to potential staff.

  • Staff Development, Motivation and Coaching

Organizations are made up of people with diversity in profiles. So there will be no single solution to suit each individual. However, an understanding of employee overall make up, possible responses to environment and motivational factors will help create suitable conditions for improved performance and development.