Profiling Tools

Along with our experience and customized solutions, Ashford & McGuire Consulting utilizes the P.O.P. (Personal Orientation Profile) suite of success indicators to help organizations establish a matrix for hiring the most compatible and likely to succeed personnel.

The P.O.P. (Personal Orientation Profile) suites of success indicators are being used by companies to select top performers, develop and retain them.

John Marshall, Ph.D., who was involved in the development of the POP suite of indicators, founded the Self Management Group.

Our tools are suitable for:

  • Screening large candidate pools
  • Selecting for performance and retention
  • Career management
  • Strategic change

Our profiling tools are reliable, validated and predictive. Our clients use them to:

  • Identify and develop business developers
  • Create performance cultures
  • Coach and manage by building on strengths
  • Match individuals and build teams

Our profiling tools are suitable for:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Supervisor
  • Management
  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Athletes

It’s quick and easy to use and there is no training required. You and your candidates will be using it in a matter of minutes.

Reports are delivered instantly online. It requires little or no administration time to process forms as there is no manual calculation involved in preparing an applicant’s report.


The POPSCREEN™ is set for screening, identifying and selecting individuals who would thrive in competitive sales environments. It is an instrument of choice for many of the most competitive sales workforces.

The ContactCenterScreenPlus™ provides an efficient and economical solution to the challenge of targeting ans screening a high number of potential recruits. It is customized to the contact center industry and is useful for determining individuals likely to succeed in a contact center environment. The screening report will provide an indication of where an individual will fit, either in a customer service role or a role that includes some up sell or cross sell requirements.

This tool uses a series of standardized and objectively validated questions used to provide efficient solutions to screening recruits. It is customized to the service industry.

The ManagmentSCREEN™ provides an efficient and economical solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits for management and supervisory positions. It uses management specific criteria to assess talent, work history and probability of success. Its report provides data which can be measured and integrated with selection, development and retention processes as the basis for continuous improvement.

The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) is used to select competitive sales people.

The POP provides sales management with individual feedback, interview questions and coaching suggestions based on business development, closing style, communication style, self confidence, managing call reluctance and probable performance levels.

The SalesPro™ is a tool that identifies the strengths and aptitudes for individuals being considered for sales positions. It assesses self management potential, prospecting orientation, motivational profile, managing rejection, commitment to product, fit to organizational structure and overall fit to various types of sales ranging from highly competitive to selling in a service environment. a sales career. It is an instrument of choice for selecting and developing relationship building sales professionals.

The AdminPro™ is a state-of-the-art psychometric profiling tool that measures the measures the potential for success and suitability to specific careers in an administrative environment including office managers, assistants, and staff support personnel.

The ContactCenterPro™ is designed for selection, training and coaching of high potential people for customer service or contact centers and other roles that require first-rate client/customer relationship management.

The CustomerCarePro™ will help you select people who fit your customer care culture based on their approach to service, decision making, approach to scripts and structure.

It assesses character traits, relevant attitudes, emotional intelligence, listening style and comfort with networking while providing interviewing and coaching suggestions.

The report also helps identify the candidates the attributes that can be effective in up sell and cross sell environments.

The ServicePro™ has been shown to be highly effective in identifying and selecting individuals to fit a wide variety of service cultures including call centers, retail outlets, personal services and dealing with internal customers and clients. It can be customized for your business.

The ITPro™ identifies the inherent personal strengths, attitudes and aptitudes that will help individuals become more effective and productive in evolving Information Technology cultures. It predicts potential and best fit within the IT culture and systems, identifies adaptability, team orientation and comfort with conflict. It can be used to predict individual fit to roles such as project manager, developer and maintenance.

The SupervisorPro™ provides critical insight into the attitudes and source traits that lead to success in supervisory and team leader roles. It provides an overview of the person’s style as a supervisor including a variety of competencies such as leader style, communication style, approach to motivating others, feedback style and self-management.

The ManagementPro™ is an essential selection and succession planning tool that provides an overview of personality traits as they apply to management roles and how managers can manage people and performance together effectively. It provides coaching, development strategies and feedback on matching mentors, peers and staff.

The ProfessionalPro™ is the profile for professional positions whether they consult with individuals or provide enterprise solutions. It assesses consulting style, results orientation, communication style and other key competencies as well as self management, motivation, team orientation and emotional intelligence. It provides feedback to both the individual for personal growth and the individual’s manager for selection, coaching and fit to projects and teams.

Emotional intelligence involves the ability to recognize and manage one’s own emotions and the feelings and emotions of others. The Emotional Quotient Profile (EQP) tool provides an assessment of an individual’s ability to process emotional information and apply the information effectively.

The FranchisePro™ is designed to assist Franchise systems in the selection of franchisees that are most likely to be successful while integrating with the system. It reports on the traits and attitudes that have shown to be relevant to success in operating various types of franchises.

This is specifically designed for career self management, succession planning, career coaching and personal growth within organizations. This profile will provide you with key insights into yourself and your personal strengths as you make important career decisions, it matches people to careers based on their personal profile, it demonstrates an organizations commitment to the retention and development of its people.

StressPro™ is a 100-item online tool that empowers individuals to become more vital, productively healthy self-managers of their personal stress, their lifestyle balance, work life stress and satisfaction. The action-focused personalized feedback regards how to build on their strengths and reduce their stress and lifestyle vulnerabilities, creating clear motivating improvements in their personal and work life resilience.

We customize our 360 Profiles to measure specific facets of your organization’s working environment and structured management model. This is an evaluation tool that is highly customized to fit a company’s specific need for a comprehensive performance evaluation, employee feedback or team building where employees receive practical information about personal and professional areas of growth. It also specifies dimensions of managerial behaviors that are important to the company’s future strategies and can clarify expectations for performance, management competencies, strength and style.

The OESPro™ [Organizational Effectiveness Survey] is a web-based tool that allows any organization to self assess by finding out what everyone thinks.

Designed to help executives and leaders of any organization evaluate how well it is doing, this diagnostic tool is cost effective, easily customized and implemented.

It helps focus on key corporate strengths and growth opportunities in six broad categories including: overall alignment, retention/engagement index, quality index, corporate culture and leadership assessment.

The CorporateVitalSigns™ is a diagnostic tool that assesses and benchmarks those corporate vital signs known to predict future corporate performance, revenue growth and profitability.