Wise counsel has it that to be successful in life and succeed in whatever one does in life; four things among other things are a must to have. Without these four things one can only continue to dream on about being that great Salesperson or whatever one desires to become or do in life. Anyone who really wants to move away from just being a dreamer to becoming an achiever needs to take possession of these four things. Take a closer look at all kinds of achievers and you will find that they have long taken possession of these four things.

Given the importance of these things for success it will be proper to quickly consider them before I discuss the three things you must know to become a good sales person.

The first of the four things one must have is desire. A life without desire is an unmotivated life, living for no cause. A desire or dream to become something or achieve something is the first step to becoming anything or achieving anything since it is the spark that ignites the flame within which turns to the passion that drives one to achieve or become something. The next is passion for what one wants to achieve or want to be. Passion is like the flame within that drives the engine. Once the flame is put off the engine stalls. Without the passion the desire and dream will die. So keep the passion and you will keep the dream alive.

The third thing among the four is a plan or if you like a strategy. You have a vision of what you want to be and when you want to be what you want to be but to get to your destination you need a map that will give you direction on what to do, how to do it and when to do it. It is only sensible to get a map to direct you to a place you have never been before rather than rambling and wandering about and hoping you will get there someday. The fourth but not less important is knowledge. It could be through formal education within the walls of an institution or from everyday work and life interactions but there has to be some form of learning for knowledge to be acquired. The importance of knowledge to success cannot be overemphasize. It is actually the fuel that feeds the passion and keeps it flaming. The more relevant knowledge you acquired the more ‘fired up’ you will be to achieving your goals. That is why organizations that understand the relevance of knowledge in motivating their employees take their corporate learning seriously.

This brings us back to the topic. Take note that this topic is considering only one out of the four things discussed above that one must have to succeed in life, which is knowledge. What are those three things you must know to become a good sales person? They are actually obvious things but the more knowledgeable you are in these three things, the more successful you are likely to be as a sales rep that is of course if you apply the knowledge.

The first and most important by my judgment is that you must know your product. How could one possibly sell something that has no name and has no known use (value) to anyone? Even if that were possible it will be a very hard sell indeed. So then this is where to begin. Know the name and composition of your product but more importantly know the benefits for using the product. The more knowledge you have of the benefits of your product the more confident and motivated you will get at selling it.

The next thing you need to know to be a good sales person is to know your customer. It is not just enough to know your product and hope to make a sale to just anyone. You need to identify your potential customers to sell to. Who are the likely people who will most certainly benefit from your product? How do they want the product presented to them? What are the options they have in terms of alternative products? There are just so much you need to know about your customers and the more knowledgeable you are about them the more directed and focused you will be in your selling.

The third thing you need to know is your competition. Why do you need to know your competition? The main reason is you want to outsmart and outrun them. You obviously want to do better than them but the only way you can achieve that is to check out where they are now, where they are going, why are they going there, and how do they plan to get there? Your product should give you the most concern and then your customers, but after these two you should be concerned about your competition. Knowledge of your competition is an excellent feedback that can help you understand your product and customers better.

If you want to know how to put your knowledge of these three things to use you may want to consider attending our training programme on Essential Selling Skills which is designed to help starters start off well as a sales person and help practicing sales person become better sales person. You may also want to check out our training calendar for the year.


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